Seriously, don’t be stuck in the same place.

My story is real, raw, and on going. I know that I am not alone in such experiences and the need to let go, distance ourselves from those pains, and step more into our true selves. In doing so we are getting to know ourselves deeply and will begin to confidently and boldly stand in our full selves consistently.

All of us, we have some of our past that requires intentional healing. It has taken a lot of courage and strength to share my story–this journey. There have been days where I spiraled down the rabbit hole alongside stress, anxiety, and that ugly little voice kicking me while I’m down.  But we made it to here…

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin (goodreads.com)

When did that moment happen for me? I felt it bubbling up inside me. I was ready to push myself out of the skin I was in. SO DONE with being a victim to my past trauma. Being a survivor of domestic violence has sent me on a path I never thought I’d be walking. But here I am, busting through the PTSD, like a damn Goddess! Ok. Who am I kidding? I want to be that blog, that website, that WHATEVER, that isn’t all that glitters is gold. Let’s keep it real.

Life is so damn real is does not matter how tough you are, you will inevitably find yourself vulnerable at some point. Hell! at many points! In all seriousness, let us make a conscious effort to let go. Over, and over again. Daily actually. It takes recognizing the need to let go for various reason each and every day.

The past is not the past when we hold on to it, because we are letting it live, we are keeping it present.

As we start to go through the healing process, even just mentally making a commitment to let go of what pains you from your past, you will find that memories will begin to flood you by way of random thoughts and dreams. I follow with some deep breaths, closed eyes, and reminding myself of the need to let go.

Many days are messy and ugly. But it is in those moments that we have to remind ourselves that this is a PROCESS, and to be gentle with ourselves. What is waiting on the other side is worth every bit of it. So, keep with it, and keep checking this blog because…together we will not just make it through, we will continue to thrive.


It is my greatest hope that those who need inspiration and a beacon of light will find these words.

I know how low the lows can be. That is 100% why this blog is here, to be there when you feel that you have no one. Because you absolutely do, you.are.not.alone! My hope is that through this site you will find a post, article, quote, video, etc., that you can connect with and hold on to as it inspires you and disrupts any negativity you may be experiencing. You don’t have to be depressed, having an anxiety attack, or so forth, in order to stay in touch.

We all need a little inspiration and push towards growth in all aspects of our lives.

In sharing my experiences my intention is to ignite a spark of letting go and striving toward living a whole life, one where we are more present and aware, walking in our authentic selves, and utilizing positive coping strategies. Thus allowing us to be more centered, sturdy, and fulfilled.

So join me…

::Grow with me::

In all faucets of life

I believe everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason you found these words. My intentions are to add to your life! I hope you will come back and visit often and peruse the sight for more inspiration, knowledge, self-care tips, healing strategies, mother-teacher-wife-coach-entrepenuer chronicles to learn from, and so much more.

In the meantime, in between time:

rise fiercely


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Love Thyself,

The Growth Goddess ✌🏽 💜🔥


THE goddess Of Growth enjoys leading others to knowledge, connections, healing, inspiration, peace, joy, and most of all, towards continual growth. She enjoys family time with her husband and their combined family. Being a mom and step-mom is something she is honored to be. In her free time you will find her buried in a book by a fireplace, or writing her heart out, and most frequently outside in nature. Another passion she pursues is coaching basketball. Above all else, she believes the secret to a world at peace starts with people being good humans in our personal lives and in our business ventures. 

Join her daily, or at your leisure, and most certainly in times of need.


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