Social media can have us staring into a false sense of reality where everyone’s life seems so great. It is important that there is content out there that is REAL. I started this page because I recognized the need for inspiration, but most importantly, inspiration when we are at our lows.

A strong woman, yes, a woman who would have ever dared to think she’d be with an abusive partner…hell.to.the.NO. But, it happened. And this is my journey through the deep scars that have haunted me ever since.

Mental health is something that we do not get to discuss openly. When you google depression, anxiety and so forth what you find are symptoms, how to reach out, and treatment centers asking for the big bucks$$

But what you don’t find is a page like this. One you can go to to see what the process of healing is like and try the strategies out for yourselves. A page that let’s you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We ALLLLL have struggles.

I know the lows are low and that is why this page hopes to inspire you to keep rising, again and again, no matter how low you go.

Not only does this blog wish to be a beacon of light but also a source of endless strategies, inspiration, connection, and strength to keep persevering.

As you follow this blog and my social media sights, you will forever be flooded with goodness.

Join me on my path of continual growth and healing!!

The Growth Goddess is an empath with a huge heart and a passionate soul whose mission it is to reform our education and justice systems to reflect the equitable, flexible, innovative, soundness they ought to be. She is also a mother, step-mother, wife, basketball coach, athlete, teacher, entrepreneur, healer, sister, and holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. During her time at UC Santa Cruz she served as a research assistant for two Doctoral students and was the External Public Relations Officer on the Executive Committee of the Pre-Law Society of UCSC. Currently The Growth Goddess serves as a Resource Specialist in an at risk-community for underserved youth in the Hayward area. She is happily doing her life’s work along with the mission of Leadership Public School’s to ensure equity in Education.

The Growth Goddess studies mindfulness, meditation, Reiki healing, Chakras, and of course, education continually.

The Growth Goddess enjoys leading others to knowledge, connections, healing, inspiration, peace, joy, and most of all, towards continual growth. Additionally she LOVES nature and enjoys being outside every chance she gets. Preserving our mother earth is essential and important to her. 

Join her daily, or at your leisure, and most certainly in times of need.

You can follow this blog as well as social media for more daily inspiration  TheGrowthGoddess is on instagram @the_g_of_growth_ and Facebook as TheGrowthGoddess